Sebaceous cysts treatment


Sebaceous Cysts, or commonly known as Epidermoid Cysts, are small bumps that develop just beneath the skin on your face, neck, trunk and sometimes your genital area. They are slow-growing and often painless. 

Sebaceous/Epidermoid cysts:

  • Are round cysts or small bumps that are easy to move with your fingers
  • Are usually white or yellow, though people with darker skin may have pigmented cysts
  • Range in size from less than 1/4 inch to nearly 2 inches (a few millimeters to 5 centimeters) in diameter
  • Occur on nearly any part of your body, including your fingernails, but are found most often on your face, trunk and neck

Sometimes a sebaceous/epidermoid cyst has a central opening ?the remnant of a hair follicle from which the cyst originally formed ?that's plugged by a tiny blackhead. 

Signs and symptoms of infection, which can occasionally occur, include:

  • A thick, yellow material draining from the cyst that may have a foul odor
  • Redness, swelling and tenderness around the cyst

A similar looking condition
Sometimes you may develop a small bump on your scalp that looks like an sebaceous/epidermoid cyst. These are almost always pilar or trichilemmal cysts, which usually have thicker walls than epidermoid cysts do and almost always move freely under your skin. The lining of this type of cyst differs slightly from that of an epidermoid cyst.

Most Sebaceous/Epidermoid/Pilar/Trichilemmal cysts are a cosmetic concern and can be treated immediately with Naturalis Sebaceous Cysts Treatment. 

For effective treatment of sebaceous cysts, follow these steps:


1. Cleanse face with a deep cleanser such as Naturalis Purifying Cleanser.


2. Scrub face with a gentle exfoliating scrub such as Naturalis Stimulating Facial Scrub .


3. Mask face with a mask product such as Naturalis Clarifying Masque.


4. Apply Naturalis Sebaceous Cysts Treatment thickly on problem area. Letting the cream settle into skin.


5. For a more even skin tone, apply Naturalis Skin Blemish Treatment.


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