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Naturalis Skin & Body Care Range

Our brilliant range of natural therapies are specially formulated for topical use. More than twenty years of patient research has been devoted into discovering what various food ingredients have to offer in keeping us healthy and beautiful. Feeding your skin by topical application is something that has been done for thousands of years by various cultures. We ensure our ingredients are listed clearly and with integrity.

The core of our products is the nutritious avian egg, providing complete nutrition for healthy skin and body function. Without which regeneration of healthy cells does not take place, so it makes sense to ensure we  feed our bodies internally and externally. Each of our product is full of nutrition and because food does not create a barrier to cellular absorption, each product can be used by all skin types, ages and gender. All our products are anti-ageing.

Naturalis offers products that stand apart from the synthetic majority; clean, simple, intelligent skin care packaged for complete purity and protection. Naturalis uses a safe, non-toxic preservative system.


Naturalis Herbal Tea & Coffee Range

Naturalis believes that true wealth is good health and this can be yours by regularly using healing and restorative herbs. Care for yourself and your loved ones with Naturalis herbal teas, and bring a little of Nature's healing powers to enrich your life.

Healing plants often owe their medicinal properties to chemicals such as alkaloids, steroids and glycosides with potent pharmacological effects.

Naturalis Herbal Extract Treatment

Naturalis Herbal Treatment range are extracts of naturally occuring herbs in a strict mathematical formula which confirms the synergy that acts amongst the herbs. It is a wonderful assortment of 400 odd naturally ocurring chemical entities which is receptive to having any one of its beneficial actions upon any specific physiological and anatomical process, magnified by the addition of other beneficial herbs

Naturalis Herbal Extracts are an alcoholic sunlight activated extract of herbs including Siberian Ginseng, Garlic and Ginger.

Siberian Ginseng strengthens the endocrine system, supporting the stress-sensitive adrenal glands as well as the hormones of the reproductive system. A stimulating tonic, it protects the immune system and increases stamina. A non-toxic herb, Siberian Ginseng can be safely used long-term.

Garlic is well annotated historically and scientifically for its health producing benefits. Don't be put off by its malodorous reputation. Garlic enjoys a well-deserved reputation as an herbal antibiotic and anti-fungal. World travel has provided us with cultural benefits as well as other, less desirable effects, such as parasites. Often resistant to standard medication, these unwanted organisms usually succumb to garlic's anti-parasitic action. Garlic is another heart-healthy herb noted for its clot-reducing, blood pressure lowering, and cholesterol lowering properties

Ginger has long been used as a remedy for digestive problems. A derivative of the ginger constituent zingerone, blocks E. coli heat-labile enterotoxin from binding to cell surfaces.