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Naturalis Herbal Treatment range are extracts of naturally occuring herbs in a strict mathematical formula which confirms the synergy that acts amongst the herbs. It is a wonderful assortment of 400 odd naturally occuring chemical entities which is receptive to having any one of its beneficial actions upon any specific physiological and anatomical process, magnified by the addition of other beneficial herbs

Naturalis Herbal Extracts are an alcoholic sunlight activated extract of herbs including Siberian Ginseng, Garlic and Ginger.

Siberian Ginseng strengthens the endocrine system, supporting the stress-sensitive adrenal glands as well as the hormones of the reproductive system. A stimulating tonic, it protects the immune system and increases stamina. A non-toxic herb, Siberian Ginseng can be safely used long-term.

Garlic is well annotated historically and scientifically for its health producing benefits. Don't be put off by its malodorous reputation. Garlic enjoys a well-deserved reputation as an herbal antibiotic and anti-fungal. World travel has provided us with cultural benefits as well as other, less desirable effects, such as parasites. Often resistant to standard medication, these unwanted organisms usually succumb to garlic's anti-parasitic action. Garlic is another heart-healthy herb noted for its clot-reducing, blood pressure lowering, and cholesterol lowering properties

Ginger has long been used as a remedy for digestive problems. A derivative of the ginger constituent zingerone, blocks E. coli heat-labile enterotoxin from binding to cell surfaces.  


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Naturalis Herbals Alzheimers Treatment


Naturalis Herbal Alzheimers Treatment stops clinical deterioration of Alzheimers Disease. This Alzheimers treatment extract acts upon the nervous system and its role in facilitating neuronal regeneration and in improving cognitive function and sharpening and retsoring memory. This is not restricted to antioxidant activity, but rather may include specific neuronal growth factors.

Naturalis Herbal Alzheimers Treatment has demonstrated the following benefits :

(1) Mental clarity observed within 7 days, sharpened memory within 60 days.

(2) Immediate vim and vigor within days, rapid rise in stamina and mental energy within 30 days.

(3) Improvement in hyperchromic anemia.

(4) Reduction in convalescent time from medical or surgical illnesses.

Herbs in the extract behaves according to the method of preparation so that this then influences the way in which its ingredients act upon the physiology of any living organism. What sets these products apart from all others are their potencies, they are extremely more potent in action than any other preparation.


5 ml to be taken with warm water in the morning daily. Take 6-8 weeks at a go and stop for 2 weeks before continuing.


Dr Zhukov P. testimonial for a Male Patient at 80 years old.

This is to certify that the above patient who is suffering from moderate Alzheimers Disease (Neurologist proven) has been taking the Naturalis Herbal Alzheimers Treatment extract from 6 December 2002 to 30 October 2003 and his condition did not clinically deteriorate over this span of time. 


Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition - Resident Senior Ena G 85 years old

Senior Ena started on Naturalis Herbal Alzheimers Treatment from 16 Nov 2002 . Within the first week, Senior Ena "brightened up" - as the weeks went by she participated with enthusiasm in community prayers in the chapel. At the table she enjoyed "fun" conversations and seemed to have more self confidence. With encouragement, she was able to name some of the "carers" at the hostel and showed interest in what they were doing. She started playing the piano again which was faultless and lively and also sang the well known hymns and songs. This product is definitely beneficial for others afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease.



Naturalis Memory Booster Treatment


Naturalis Herbal Memory Booster Treatment extract acts upon the nervous system and its role in facilitating neuronal regeneration and in improving cognitive function and sharpening and restoring memory. This product helps suppresses the destruction of brain cells and more startling even stimulates the branching of new brain neurones. In effect old brains can grow younger. Young adults given Naturalis Herbal Memory Booster were able to do better on learning and memory tests as compared with others who were not.  

Preclinical studies in models that are genetically prone to early aging show Naturalis Memory Booster Treatment prevented frontal lobe degeneration associated with aging; improved learning; and memory retention; extended life span; and enhanced the growth and branching of neurons from the hippocampus area, the brain area associated with memory and cognition.


5 ml to be taken with warm water in the morning daily. Take 6-8 weeks at a go and stop for 2 weeks before continuing.


Maria Smith - Testimonial on behalf of son Tyler Smith, 14, Kewdale School

I have put Tyler on the Naturalis Herbal Memory Booster Treatment since July 1998 and I have seen tremendous improvement in his schoolwork. 


St Andrews Community Hospital  - Sister Margaret Warner - Testimonial

Living with the patient, I was convinced that her social skills, reactions, creative needlework and appreciation of assistance were of a finer quality - more like herself as a result of Naturalis Herbal Memory Booster Treatment.



Naturalis Immunity Booster Treatment


Naturalis Herbal Immunity Booster Treatment extract stimulates the immune system into producing Interferon and macrophage activity at the same time. AIDS patients with weakened immune systems obtained benefits after 10 weeks of Naturalis Herbal Immunity Booster Treatment. They include reduction in diahhrea, genital herpes, candida infections and recurrent fevers. This treatment consists of a powerful antibiotic that kills bateria that causes tuberculosis, food poisoning and womens bladder infections. Naturalis Immunity Booster Treatment also prevents infection by the influenza virus.


5 ml to be taken with warm water in the morning daily. Take 6-8 weeks at a go and stop for 2 weeks before continuing.


Alison Henning, Western Australia  - 

I used the Naturalis Herbal Immunity Booster Treatment for chest infections due to a highly reactive nose which causes a permanent post nasal drip. This treatment was extremely effective over 2 years and replaced the constant use of antibiotics. 

Ruben Jacobs, Washington, USA

I have been on the Naturalis Immunity Booster Treatment since 1995 and the relief on taking the treatment was almost immediate. I can truthfully say in all that time I did not have any major cold or illness.


Naturalis Performance Booster Treatment


Naturalis Herbal Performance Booster Treatment extract is a stimulating tonic, it protects the immune system and increases stamina. This treatment is useful in managing the deleterious effects of stress. It increases the resistance of the recipient to a variety of physical, chemical, or biological stressors.


5 ml to be taken with warm water in the morning daily. Take 6-8 weeks at a go and stop for 2 weeks before continuing.


Kevin and Elison Curtis, South Africa 

Our family has been using Naturalis Herbal Performance Booster Treatment since 1992 . My husband, in particular because he had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 1990. At that time , my husband could hardly put one foot in front of the other and was always very fatigued. Now he has regained his mobility and strength!

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