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Herbal tea & coffee range

Naturalis believes that true wealth is good health and this can be yours by regularly using healing and restorative herbs. Care for yourself and your loved ones with Naturalis herbal teas, and bring a little of Nature's healing powers to enrich your life.

Healing plants often owe their medicinal properties to chemicals such as alkaloids, steroids and glycosides with potent pharmacological effects.

To make modern medicines, pharmaceutical companies isolate and reproduce the most active chemical substances from such plants. Herbalists believe the whole plant, with its abundance of enzymes and nutrients working together, is therapeutically superior to any isolated ingredients or chemically synthesized analogues.

Plants are complex beings with complex actions, yet the wisdom and experience of our ancestors has passed through the generations, thorough systems of healing using plants that have now been scientifically validated.
Understanding the nourishing and healing nature of the plants and blending them accordingly, Naturalis brings to you some very simple and sensible treatments for common ailments as well as for your enjoyment.

Male Power Tea - 100gm

Here is a special manയnic for maintaining healthy masculine function and vigour. Herbalists have long recognised the value of these herbs as a preventative for prostate problems.

Female Tonic Tea - 100gm

This blend of special womenਥrbs will help you through the discomforts of 衴 time of the month튠 An excellent tonic for everyday use or just start drinking one week before the period is due.

Lover's Tea - 100gm

A sexy tea to share with your lover. Lends passion and power to the act of love. A wholesome remedy that heightens your sensual and tantric awareness bringing newfound energy to your body.

Blood Cleansing Tea - 100gm

Everyone needs healthy blood. Here is a pleasant-tasting and cleansing herbal tea to give a boost to your health and well-being. Suitable for everyday use.

Health Booster Coffee - 100gm

The dandelion herb is a superb liver tonic and a good diuretic, that is very rich in potassium. The Naturalis  dandelion coffee is a delicious, satisfying drink with no hidden additives. The roots are roasted with cardamom and ginger. Recommended as a general health tonic.

Headache Relief Tea - 100gm

Suffering from a headache? Sit down and relax with a cup of this soothing herb tea for relief.

Smooth Bowel Tea - 100gm

An excellent blend of herbal evacuants to 쥡n-out鯵r system safely. These naturally cathartic herbs help effectively shed wastes, by working holistically and supporting all of the processes involved in healthy digestion. Drinking plenty of water and increasing the amount of fibre in the diet will be of help.

Cold & Flu Treatment Tea - 100gm

An effective herbal treatment that helps to beat colds and flu, using a blend of sweat-inducing and curative herbs, like our Grandmothers would have used. Drink regularly to help fight off that bug and bring you back to good health.

Stomach Relief Tea - 100gm

An effective and nice tasting tea for settling many gut problems. The soothing, carminative herbs help with food absorption while bringing relief and having a gentle, cleansing effect.

Heart Strengthening & Circulation Tea - 100gm

Your heart is going to love this special blend of "heart herbs" that have been recognised by herbalists for centuries for their effectiveness. Safe to drink regularly for the desired result.

Joints Strengthening Tea - 100gm

This effective blend of alterative and alkalizing herbs will help to calm pain in the joints, systematically and holistically. It contains natural anti-inflammatory and liver tonic herbs for healthy joints

Lungs Strengthening Tea - 100gm

The extracts from this blend of expectorant herbs has a calming effect. Your lungs and respiratory system will love this special blend of pulmonary herbs; herbs that have been used for centuries by herbalists for their effectiveness. Excellent to drink everyday, especially during the coughing season.

Nerves Strengthening Tea - 100gm

This soothing and calming tea that helps relax you after a stressful day. Beneficial during times of stress; this tea contains herbs known for centuries for their tranquillizing properties. Excellent for everyday use.

Sinuses Relief Tea - 100gm

The extracts from this blend of herbs have a calming effect on irritated sinuses and will help to clear a stuffy nose. Sip over the day for relief from that ache at the back of your face.

Skin Tonic Tea - 100gm

An effective blend of alterative, stress relieving and liver tonic herbs for healthy skin. Use regularly to help clear problems and promote a healthy complexion.

Sleep Improver Tea - 100gm

This relaxing and calming drink is to be taken as a nightcap before bed. The extracts from these soporific herbs will help give you a sound and healthy sleep.

Kidney Strengthening Tea - 100gm

This soothing and demulcent tea can be of assistance to treat cystitis and prostatitis, without harsh action. Their use goes back centuries, by herbalists as a valuable kidney tonic

Weight Reduction Tea - 100gm

The herbal extracts from this tea help maintain healthy weight. A calorie controlled eating plan with more exercise will aid better elimination and bring about more confidence. A most invigorating, herbal formula providing a positive step to the new healthier you.

Brain Tonic Tea - 100gm

Your brain will love these tonic herbs, to stimulate your memory. When intense concentration is called for, this tea is a useful tool to make you more alert, improving the blood flow to your brain.

Zest For Life Tea - 100gm

Add some zest to your day with this great tasting and healthy alternative to caffeinated tea and coffee.

Female Menopause Relief Tea - 100gm

As the natural process of menopause unfolds, women face the many discomforts of hormonal change. Here is a valuable herbal blend to assist during this challenging time for women.

Immune System Strengthening Tea - 100gm

This mineral/vitamin rich beverage has a delicious and satisfying flavour; however it is more than just a "yummy" drink, it is based on the wonder herb, Echinacea, recognised by herbalists as natures very best fortifier of the human defense system against disease. Enjoyable for its great taste as well as healthy body maintenance.


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