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Feed your Hair in a Healthy Way

Natural botanical & herbal products care for the body gently, with less risk of potentially harmful or harsh chemicals and synthetics. Part of a holistic view of our body's health includes the products that you put on your hair and skin. The hair needs regular cleansing to remain healthy and to restore lost oils. Many botanical plants and natural herbs have been known for their cleansing, toning and moisturizing properties for centuries. They are also gentle on the hair and skin and better for the environment.  

The Naturalis Hair Care Treatment shampoos, conditioners and treatments contains 100% natural and organic ingredients . Formulated with unique blend of botanical, fruits, herbs and essential oils to nourish and strengthen the hair shaft and scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

 Our Natural Hair Care Products are specifically designed for both men and women .The rare aromatherapeutic oils, and exotic botanicals sooth both your hair and your spirit. Treat your hair to our luxurious, natural hair care products that cleanse, nourish, protect, and strengthen your hair.



An all natural defence against dandruff and itchy scalp treatment solution that works immediately. Suits all hair types.




This is a pure, penetrating plant protection in a singular conditioner for additional rehydrating care after shampooing. An intensive and moisturising treatment designed to nourish the scalp and hair, repairing hair follicles and reducing frizziness. This is a highly nutritious formula to lock in moisture and reward you with silky, revitalized and manageable hair.

Our natural, plant-based conditioners have been specially formulated to compliment our own range of botanical shampoos. A   combination of herbs and essential oils work to ensure nutrient intake, stimulate circulation, and balance sebum production, resulting in optimal scalp and hair health.

Restores luster and shine to dull or damaged hair, permed or colour-treated hair, leaving it glowing, manageable and beautifully healthy. Anti-bacterial plant extracts help calm scalp irritation and prevent dandruff.

Apply to wet hair after shampooing .Work through hair with fingers, beginning at ends, gently working upward. Rinse well. Towel dry or dry hair thoroughly. This product is also suitable to use on color treated or permed hair. Use daily. For daily conditioning leave on up to  2 minutes. For deeper conditioning use the Naturalis Hair Conditioning Serum.  


Whether your hair is long or short, dry, oily or normal, you need a natural hair conditioner that's "naturally" good for both your hair and scalp.

Our natural, plant-based conditioners have been specially formulated to compliment our own range of botanical shampoos. Made with carefully selected botanicals and herbal extracts, and naturally preserved.  

This hair conditioning serum is uniquely designed to work with all hair types and can be used every day. It is specially fortified with selective  blend of natural botanical and organic herbal extracts that deeply penetrate hair, creates healthy scalps, restoring strength and manageability. Contains fruits, vitamins and pure essential oils to help prevent further damage by cleansing away impurities leaving your hair healthy, soft, and full of shine.  

Hair Types: For all ages and hair types especially for normal, dry, oily, damaged, dehydrated hair and sensitive, scaly or flaky, and itchy scalps.




Our plant-based shampoos are made with natural herbal extracts and pure essential oils. This is a gentle, deep-cleansing treatment especially designed for dry, brittle Hair, repairs split ends, moisturizes and provides Sheen.  

The natural soothing botanical extracts, herbal extracts, and aromatherapeutic oils gently cleanse and replenish essential moisture to dry hair and scalp. Botanicals lock in moisture and repairs split ends for the deepest possible shine. The blends of essential oils included are known to nourish and replenish the hair shaft closing down split ends by delivering such benefits as cell replenishing vitamins and minerals. 



This is a daily moisturizing organic shampoo formulated with natural botanical therapeutic plants and herbal extracts. Helps to restore lustre, volume, body and shine. Blended with essential oils for aroma, and are perfect for daily use. These pH-balanced shampoos contain natural plant based, organic fruit juices and herbal extracts, to thoroughly clean the hair and scalp without irritation. 



This natural treatment shampoo offers a deep cleansing action for oily hair and helps relieve an itchy scalp and reduce dandruff. Developed especially for overly oily hair and the sensitive scalp that often accompanies it. Contained natural botanical aromatherapy oils and herbal extracts, one of nature's most effective, gentle cleansers, removes excess oil, residue and debris instantly without stripping the hair of moisture or vitality.

How to use: Put a small amount in the palm of hands or onto the fingertips and apply to the hair shaft or directly onto the scalp. For added benefits massage into the scalp to increase blood flow and stimulate healthier hair growth and follicle. Leave in your hair for between 30 minutes to an hour for deep strengthening treatment before shampooing.  

Note: The Naturalis Hair Care products are preserved naturally by the use of vitamins, antioxidants, plant extracts and essential oils. As such they have a shelf life of 18 months. Please store carefully, and enjoy the benefits our fresh ingredients offer you.

Naturalis Hair Care Shampoos, Conditioner and Treatment is  

- SLS Free, No Parabens or Preservatives. Propylene glycol, silicones
- No Synthetic Additives or Scents
- No mineral or petroleum based ingredients
Organic ingredients wherever possible
- PH balanced

- Adhere to cruelty free principles and contain no animal derivatives
- Earth & Skin Friendly

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