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When was the last time your sex life has inspired you? A healthy sex life is important to everyone's overall well being, and with the challenges of daily life these days, keeping that balance can be difficult.

A sexual relationship can and should be a source of extreme pleasure and an effective stress-reliever, creating a profound feeling of intimacy, well-being, satisfaction and relaxation.

What drives women crazy with sexual excitement? What gives men superb sexual self-confidence? What makes both men and women satisfied and fulfilled in a sexual relationship? Both women and men will agree that the most important factor is the size, hardness and duration of a man’s penis erection.


Naturalis Climax Cream is a male sex enhancer and female sex stimulant designed to increase libido, sexual desire and promote overall sexual health.

Naturalis Climax Cream contains all-natural proprietary blend of unique herbal, botanical and selected essential active ingredients for their sex-enhancing properties,  specifically formulated for him and her, which ensures compatibility with the same sensation and experience.

Different enhancements differ in contents and quantities of stimulants so when both partners use different enhancements the tempo is different due to the contents of product.

With Naturalis Climax Cream you do not have to buy different enhancements for both of you anymore. This is a natural gentle cream meant to pleasure both partners and help you gain more control over your sexual responses. With dual acting ingredients both partners are free to enjoy increased sensitivity and heightened arousal.  This heightened level of control allows for steamier lovemaking, increased libido and more enjoyable sexual encounters for closer relationships because you both go at the same pace since the components are the same. After using Naturalis Climax Cream the results are mind blowing and electrifying.


Naturalis Climax Cream is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or dysfunction



Directions: Apply 1/2  teaspoon or more cream to dry clean skin. Massage on the area about 5-10 minutes, 1-2 times daily or before sexual activity (The soles of the feet, lower, front belly, back, base of the neck, inner of the thighs, genitals, and the nipple line).


Directions: Apply 1/2  teaspoon or more cream to dry clean skin. Massage on the area about 5-10 minutes, 1-2 times daily or before sexual activity (The soles of the feet, lower, front belly, back, base of the neck, inner of the thighs, genitals, and the nipple line).

1. What is Naturalis Climax Cream?
Many of the herbs in this formula are well known for their aphrodisiac effect while others are included to give your reproductive organs the nutrients it need to perform properly. And, using herbal and botanical cream created by nature, will ignite your sexual desires, giving you and your partner more rewarding intimacy. An all natural cream that helps you gain more control over your sexual responses. This heightened level of control allows for steamier lovemaking, increased libido and more enjoyable sexual encounters for closer relationships. Give yourself or yourselves a gift of better sex, the natural way.

2. What can I expect when I apply Naturalis Climax Cream?
 Its soothing and lubricating effects will instantaneously delight any woman who wants to add a spark to her sexual experience, whether it's for self pleasuring purposes.  Or to maximize her partner's erection size and sexual stamina, while providing her with the same unbelievably exhilarating sensation that has made Naturalis Climax Cream the premier name in sexual performance satisfaction. Intimacy, Sexuality and Sensuality at it's best.

3. How does Naturalis Climax Cream work?
Naturalis Climax Cream stimulates the tissue surface of the clitoris, which results in increased blood flow and enhances clitoral sensitivity.  Enhanced clitoral sensitivity can increase a woman’s chance to achieve an orgasm, increase intimacy, and enjoy greater orgasmic pleasure.  The natural herbal and botanical remedies can be used to promote male virility and facilitate the natural mechanisms needed to support male sexual health, adequate libido, and sex drive.

4. How is Naturalis Climax Cream applied?
Apply 1/2  teaspoon or more cream to dry clean skin first thing in the morning or 30 minutes before sexual activity or as needed.

There are some other pleasant aspects to using Naturalis Climax Cream: it feels nice when you use it. The warm and tingling sensation gives a very pleasurable feeling and enhances sexual appetite. And since it has to be applied by massaging it directly onto the specific areas, you can ask your partner to apply it on you, and this can be part of the foreplay in your lovemaking. Your partner will do this with pleasure, and surely appreciate being asked to help you in this way! It will also add to the feeling of closeness between you and your partner.

The result is a powerful natural sex enhancer that, when applied, can help take your intimacy to an extraordinary new level. Naturalis Climax Cream is designed to intensify intimate sensations by arousing your erogenous zones through direct application to the area of need. The topical ingredients help to support the significant increase of blood flow to the applied areas, which is critical to optimum sexual performance and pleasure

5.  Can I still have oral sex?
Yes, you can still enjoy oral sex while using Naturalis Climax Cream. This climax cream has an non-offensive licorice (liquorice) taste

6. Is Naturalis Climax Cream safe?
Yes, Naturalis Climax Cream is absolutely safe.  It is composed of all natural ingredients. 

An all natural herbal and botanical cream that is applied directly to the specific areas help make your sexual experience exciting again, intensifying every sensation and touch increase the physical desire to have sex, stimulate the strength and endurance of an erection in men, and increase lubrication and genital sensitivity in women Achieving regular orgasms may help restore the ability to become more aroused, enhance natural lubrication and increase sexual desire. Naturalis Climax Cream will help you achieve a more satisfying sex life.

7. Who should use Climax Cream?
 Naturalis Climax Cream doesn't just lubricate a woman's "intimate area" like other products on the market. It contains a unique proprietary blends of herbal and botanical formulation that helps enhance both a woman's pleasure as well as a man's performance. The cream is formulated specifically to help promote stimulation to male and female "intimate areas" which directly improves sensation. By stimulating "intimate areas" directly, Naturalis Climax Cream can help improve pleasure, orgasm and frequency like you've never experienced before.

8. Can I use Climax Cream if I have no sexual problems?
Absolutely!  Naturalis Climax Cream is a sexual enhancer and is designed to enhance sexual responsiveness and the possibilities of achieving orgasm. 

When massaged onto the specific areas, it helps the man to achieve a firm, longer lasting erection. While it can be generally used to address the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED), it can also be used by a man who does not suffer from ED, to help him achieve a more satisfying experience of lovemaking.


The use of the cream can result in greater orgasmic pleasure, as well as, to induce orgasms for those women who have had difficulty achieving orgasm in the past. Whether you experience multiple orgasms or are among the 46% of women who are sexually frustrated, every woman who desires maximum sexual fulfillment, greater intimacy, and enhanced relationships stands to benefit from regular use of Naturalis Climax Cream  


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